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In search of a quieter life – combatting noise and vibration via innovations in motor control


To meet the pressing need for elevated levels of energy efficiency, the conventional direct current (DC) motors incorporated into electric fans, domestic appliances, air conditioning systems, office equipment and such like, have over time been replaced by more sophisticated three-phase brushless DC (BLDC) motors. This has enabled compliance with the stringent international environmental guidelines that …

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Smarter Motor Control


The face of industry is changing with a promise of highly connected machines that communicate, coordinate and make autonomous decisions. Speed, precision, smoothness and energy efficiency will be at the heart of Industry and the machines that drive it. The motors that move current generations of equipment often consume over 50 per cent of the …

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HV-IPDs Will Play Integral Role in Driving Further Energy Improvements in Domestic Appliances


Consumer attitudes are changing and the energy ratings of domestic appliances are becoming an increasingly important aspect of modern purchasing decisions – whereas previously it would have come a long way down the list (somewhere below, features, price, aesthetics, etc.). For such items to attain high scores in relation to their energy rating, variable speed …

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