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BLE & NFC prove instrumental to widespread IoT deployment


When combined with near field communications (NFC) technology, Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE – also known as Bluetooth Smart), the power-conserving incarnation of Bluetooth opens up a number of new opportunities for designers of IoT and other smart devices. One of these opportunities is secure, ‘Out of Band’ (OoB) pairing. While Bluetooth incorporates robust, AES-128 encryption, …

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The next wave of the Internet of Every Thing is upon us


There are more than 11 billion internet connections to desktops and mobiles, but according to research by Goldman Sachs the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) could see more than 28 billion “things” connected to the internet by 2020!   The IoT promises tremendous opportunities for monitoring and controlling processes and environments and, in …

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Fashion Just Got Smarter


Two decades ago the concept of portable electronics was still to be properly explored, yet today it is recognised as a fundamental part of our day-to-day lives. We are entering a new phase in the progression of personal electronics, as the potential of wearable technology starts to become more apparent.   People regularly accessorize, complementing …

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