High Performance Single Port USB-to-Serial Adapters

EasySYNC has bolstered its portfolio of USB-to-RS422/RS485 adapters with a pair of brand new product offerings which are both extremely cost effective and simple to utilise. The ES-U-2001-S is a single port adapter which allows plug-and-play installation. Automatic transmit and receive control is incorporated for its 2-wire RS485 half-duplex mode. Alongside it is the ES-U-2001-STB adapter, which has the same features and functionality, but with a 5-pin terminal block connector included which facilitates the wiring process.

Suitable for connection with either USB 1.1 or 2.0 hosts, these adapters’ high speed serial ports are capable of dealing with data rates from 300kbit/s right up to 921.6kbit/s, with non-standard data rates supported. They both have built-in termination and biasing mechanisms. Their construction is such that opening of the chassis to set the RS422/RS485 operation modes can be avoided. Instead the upper panel can be slid open in order to gain access. The serial port on each adapter has electro-static discharge protection to a voltage of 10kV. LED indicators are incorporated – allowing the simple monitoring of the transmitter and receiver functions as well as the power source connection.

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