Wireless charging – more benefits than you might realize

Juice Jacking – it sounds like the latest health regime but nothing could be further from the truth. It’s ‘urban speak’ for unscrupulous people accessing your mobile devices at those plug-in charging stations you see in airports and other public places.


Is it real? No-one is really sure. Can it be avoided – absolutely – just remember to charge your phone before you leave home and carry your own power adapter with you.


Times are changing though – you’ve probably heard about the rush to implement wireless charging (according to leading market research firm IHS Technology only one in four people have not heard about it yet). Well, apart from the obvious benefits of simplicity, wireless charging is solely a power connection – no data connection is involved so you can charge your device in public places without fear of being ‘Juice Jacked’. It might not be real – but why take the risk – mobile devices often contain sensitive, personal or payment data – or all of these.


Even if you’re not concerned about security then consider this for a moment. Online address-book site Plaxo commissioned a survey that showed one in five people have dropped their phone down the toilet. This is bad enough at home, but if you’re away from home the impact on your trip can be huge (you did back your phone up before travelling didn’t you?).


We’ve been able to move data to and from devices wirelessly for years. Now that we can charge these devices wirelessly it becomes possible for the manufacturers to develop fully sealed and waterproof devices much more easily – not to mention removing the cost, space and unreliability of the connector.


Behind these everyday real-world benefits is Toshiba’s innovative wireless charging solution.   A highly integrated and efficient power transmitter and receiver chipset compliant with WPC Qi standards.


To learn more about Toshiba’s innovative wireless charging solutions, please click here



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