Increased use of monitoring technology will be key to the future of wearable technology

Analysts at BI Intelligence have predicted that by 2019 the global wearable device market will reach a point where a staggering 148 million units are shipped each year – experiencing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of close to 35% between now and 2019. The organisation has identified 2 particular categories where uptake will be at its greatest. These are:


·         Fitness bands and activity trackers

·         Smart watches


Between them these categories will dominate the wearable technology sector over the coming years. It should be noted that both are going to be involved in the monitoring of the physical wellbeing of the individuals wearing them – and this will contribute significantly to driving demand forward in what is envisaged to be and increasingly health conscious society. For the first of these categories fitness monitoring will be the principal objective, while for the other it will be amongst a number of different functions that the device serves. BI Intelligence has stated that it expects there to be a certain degree of blurring between these 2 categories. 


The report also suggests that, by 2019, on average each item of wearable technology will incorporate at least 4 sensors. It is through their sensing capabilities that the next wave of wearable devices will be able to help users to assess the effectiveness of their exercise regimes and attain their personal fitness goals. Wearable devices will allow the user to record (and subsequently analyse) data concerning an array of different performance metrics – such as heart rate and calories burnt, in addition to determining the time taken to complete a specific challenge, or the distance that has been ran or cycled.


To address the need for more sophisticated fitness monitoring, Toshiba has introduced a smartwatch reference design which incorporates a wealth of different sensor technologies via which key physical parameters can be measured in real time. For more details on this reference design, download the following whitepaper here: http://toshiba.semicon-storage.com/eu/design-support/innovationcentre/whitepapers/tcm0066_sportwatch.html



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