Workshop on Developing Sensor-to-Cloud IoT Applications – 23rd March, Redditch

To assist engineers in creating more effective IoT systems, Solid State Supplies is organising a hands-on workshop specifically focused on the mangOH™ product offering from Sierra Wireless. This free of charge event, held at Solid State Supplies’ headquarters in Redditch on the 23rd March, will give engineers of all levels of experience ample opportunity to further improve their IoT development skills. Attendees will start with simple tasks to get them more familiar with the highly intuitive mangOH™ hardware platform and its accompanying Legato® Linux-based open source application framework. They will then progress to more advanced projects, like implementing a complete end-to-end IoT application (where Bluetooth-enabled sensors will pass data across the cellular network and interface with the cloud via MQTT messaging). During this session work will be carried out on the mangOH™ Green boards provided. USB sticks containing the complete development environment set up will be given to each participant for them to keep after the session has been completed. Those who have a laptop with a USB boot activated (whether it has a Windows, Linux or Mac operating system) are advised to bring it. To register for this informative workshop visit: http://www.sssltd.com/seminars/hands-on-mangoh-with-bt-sensors.html

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