Farnell launches sensing technology microsite to provide one-stop access to over 4,000 products and support for design engineers

Includes application notes, training videos and a range of sensing technology solutions.

Farnell launches sensing technology microsite

Farnell launches sensing technology microsite

Farnell has launched a new  microsite dedicated to sensors and sensing applications.  In addition to giving fast and easy access to over 4,000 products, the sensing microsite also provides extensive design resources including application notes, white papers and product training videos to help keep engineers involved in this rapidly evolving sector up-to-date with the latest technologies and methodologies. 

A product range that includes PCB level and micro-electro-mechanical (MEMS) sensors addresses applications in sectors ranging from medical to automotive.  A diverse array of devices provides pressure, temperature and humidity sensing capabilities as well as resistive, inductive, capacitive, optical touch, proximity and hall effect technologies.

 “There has been significant growth in demand from many sectors for advanced small form factor sensing devices,” said David Shen, Group SVP & Global Head of Technical Marketing at Premier Farnell. “In response to this growing demand, Farnell now offers a large and comprehensive range of sensors & devices from industry’s leading manufacturers. The new microsite for sensing and sensor technologies will provide a valuable additional resource to engineers seeking a one-stop location for detailed technical information, technology trend and applications in designing their sensor based applications.”

Visit www.farnell.com/sensing for details. 

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