Farnell introduces more than 130 new RoHs compliant Schmersal-Automation products

New safety switch series, safety interlocks, actuators, input and output expansion modules as well as position switches now available for next day delivery

Farnell introduces more than 130 new RoHs compliant Schmersal-Automation productsFarnell has added over 130 new RoHs compliant Automation products from Schmersal, the leading provider of electrical and electronic safety switchgear. This includes new safety switch series, safety interlocks, actuators, input and output expansion modules as well as position switches. The new input expansion modules provide a clear visualisation of diagnostic signals and lead to time saving in the wiring of series connections in safety circuits. Up to 4 (2-channel) emergency stop control devices, safety switches and/or other protective devices with floating contacts can be connected to every module by means of 1:1 wiring of the safety contacts. Up to 20 modules (80 sensors) can be cascaded together in this fashion.

On the other hand output expanders with adjustable delay fulfil Stop Category 1 to EN 60204-1 and are used in order to securely switch off variable speed drives. Depending on the external circuit arrangement, it is possible to secure the guard device up to Control Category 4 to EN 954-1. These units have a redundant circuit internal design. They are equipped with safety relays with monitored positive-guided contacts. The enabling paths comprise the relay contacts wired in series.

The new AZM170 safety interlock switch series is designed for machines/work cells where access to a hazardous work area must be controlled until safe conditions exist. Their solenoid-latching feature permits locking a machine guard until dangerous conditions, which may exist immediately after removal of power, have abated. Solenoid-latching may be controlled by a time delay, motion detector, position sensor or other suitable component. The unit features independent actuator key (guard) position and solenoid-latching pin position contacts. These permit the prevention of machine restart until the guard is closed and the solenoid-latching pin is in the locked position.

This series consists of an electromechanical safety interlock switch joined to a solenoid-latching mechanism. Both the safety switch and solenoid mechanism feature positive-break contacts. In addition the actuator key features a built-in latch and an auxiliary manual unlocking device, the latter provided to aid in installation and for use in the event of a power failure (when using the unlocking by solenoid model). Each unit is supplied with a cord grip and a cap to seal the unused key entry port in the solenoid-latching mechanism.

Additionally, the innovative AZ3350 Series is designed for use with movable machine guards/access gates which must be closed for operator safety. Their positive-opening NC contacts provide a significantly higher level of safety than conventional springdriven switches whose contacts can weld or stick shut. The switch’s tamper-resistant design prevents bypassing with simple tools, bent wires or other readily available means. Their rugged metal housing and IP67 rating make them ideal for interlocking safety guards in industrial and hostile environments.

The complete new Schmersal product overview is available to order from Farnell at: http://uk.farnell.com/schmersal.

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