Ben Heck builds retro-inspired portable LAN computer for mod-off challenge with Hak5’s Darren Kitchen in element14’s “The Ben Heck Show”

Ben Heck builds retro-inspired portable LAN computer for mod-off challenge

ersModding guru Ben Heck, suit up for a mod-off challenge posed by Darren Kitchen, host of leading internet television network Revision3′s syndicated show “Hak5in today’s episode of “The Ben Heck Show.”  The challenge was set last May during a chance encounter between Ben and Darren at Maker Faire Bay Area 2011 – to mod a full ATX case for the ultimate portable LAN computer for $199.

“I was both honored and excited when Darren and his crew challenged me to a battle of the mods,” said Ben. “I knew when I chose to accept the project that it was going to be a tough feat, but I am never one to walk away from a challenge, especially one against such worthy opponents as the Hak5 crew.”

The show highlights Ben’s entire design process—from sketching the plans for his ultimate retro radio-inspired portable LAN computer and prepping the 24-inch widescreen backlit LED ASUS monitor, to routing the pieces for the case and installing the components, including the micro ATX motherboard. Careful measures were taken throughout to ensure that all the pieces fit together, resulting in one incredibly tricked-out build, complete with a pull-out keyboard, yellow LED-rigged system fans, and an adjustable monitor. 

“This episode underscores element14’s goal to be a resource for like-minded individuals to collaborate and exchange information to inspire new and innovative design ideas,” said Kevin Yapp, chief marketing officer, Premier Farnell. “There is nothing like a little friendly competition between two experienced modders to get those creative juices flowing.”

Viewers of the latest episode are invited to register to win Ben’s portable LAN computer. In addition, show fans are invited to join the discussion online at element14 to send Ben a challenge for a future build or submit videos of their own builds.

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