element14 community provides real-time updates on supply chain impact of the Japanese emergency

Japan - Electronics Supply Chain Update

Did you hear… following the recent terrible events in Japan and with the uncertain impact on the electronics supply chain, element14 has created a dedicated online space at www.element14.com/japanemergency. This area of the community will fulfil a clear need by acting as a central repository for the whole electronics industry on the Japanese situation, while additionally being a conduit for information flow at this difficult time.  Suppliers are posting the latest updates on the anticipated impact of the disaster by product family and device type, including likely changes to lead-times. There are also discussion threads building on the community’s many forums as customers ask questions, and seek answers from suppliers and other industry representatives, in this dynamic and rapidly changing situation.

element14 said it will work with suppliers to help spread the reach of their updates as widely as possible in this constantly changing situation.

In response to requests from community members, element 14 will also be posting links to some of the organisations leading the relief effort in order to help expedite support to where it is needed as quickly as possible. Employees across the  Group are also actively fund-raising to support the humanitarian work and Premier Farnell  has agreed to match employee donations.

Check it out at www.element14.com/japanemergency.

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